Rainbo Establishes Local Content partner in OMAN

Rainbo Supplies and Services Ltd is pleased to announce our new partnership in OMAN with Al-Azure, set up to service both our existing and new clients in the region.

The purpose of the partnership is to focus exclusively on the international and local procurement needs of OMAN based companies within the oil & gas, mining, power generation and renewable energy industries – whilst satisfying the ongoing requirement for local content presence.

“Rainbo is delighted to partner with Al-Azure and to continue our expansion within the energy sector throughout the Middle East. Having already established Rainbo in Dubai, and working for 10 years supplying a number of leading, international companies in Iraq, we have worked hard to establish this partnership and, as such, we are highly confident that this collaboration will bring benefits for both our existing and new clients based in OMAN” said Managing Director, Jonathan Scott.

To discover how Rainbo can support your company with your procurement requirements, please visit rainbosupplies.com or contact us via al-azure@rainbosupplies.com