What We Do

Rainbo Supplies & Services is an industry leading provider of global procurement and supply chain services, distributing an extensive range of products to multiple markets.

Our services are designed to complement our customers’ existing infrastructure, reduce transaction time and offer a robust service to support from significant capital projects, through to consolidating your low value transactional supplies.

Established in 1994, serving the Oil & Gas, Mining, International Aid and other industries, we are proud to have worked with many leading companies and organisations across our sectors, assisting purchasing departments of all sizes and including, operating as a truly outsourced partner and exclusive distributor of specialist products such as: Marapco, Optima and Redfox.

With advanced global sourcing methods, a highly experienced team, prized manufacturer relationships, vast consolidation expertise and a truly innate understanding of our customers’ requirements, we always deliver and ultimately save our customers money and time.



















About Us

Rainbo Supplies is a leading procurement specialist, delivering responsive and cost-efficient procurement services to our customers in the Oil and Gas, and Mining sectors primarily in Africa, the Middle East, LATAM and West Asia.

We pride ourselves on being a cost effective solution to sourcing products for your project and maintenance requirements. Our procurement specialists deliver consistent cost savings to all our customers and our dedicated in house supply chain will ensure your goods arrive safely and within delivery expectations.


Ad Hoc Procurement

Designed to complement your existing internal procurement needs, we can manage your ad-hoc enquires, discreet demands, via direct enquiry, electronic biding and online tender platforms.

We see this as traditional procurement activity and our entry level supplier / buyer relationship.


  • Utilising specific industry and technical experience.
  • Process commonality and control.
  • Access to our Global network of category suppliers and OEM’s
  • Ability to manage E-Procurement / Data exchange packages.
  • Utilisation of our Logistics & consolidation solutions

PSC (Procurement Supply Contract) / Framework Agreement

Work with our client as a partner, delivering an integrated relationship and bespoke procurement model, to manage planned demand through call off orders and scheduled fulfillment.

Additional Benefits:

  • Trusted supplier / buyer relationship
  • Dedicated account management
  • Greater cost efficiency & transparency including volume discounts and KPI’s.
  • E-Procurement / Data exchange.

Supply Chain Services

Independent of transaction type, we offer tailor made freight forwarding, International Import / Export and in country logistics. We can supply to nominated hub or specified destination.

We work in accordance with internationally recognized packing standards and also utilise market leading inspection and test houses to ensure your goods arrive in full adherence to specification.

Approved Supplier

Working with our client vendor approval teams to achieve approved supplier status. Enabling further integration and efficiencies through responsive demand planning, price booking, indirect contracts and inventory shortfalls.

Additional Benefits:

  • Enhanced Quality Control / Assurance
  • Consolidation of Supply – Reduced Transactions
  • Administrative support through product cataloguing and price booking
  • Global supply base and reach
  • Demand to fulfilment process management

Outsourced Services

A wholly integrated service with our client’s procurement team. Delivering Inventory management, process control, dedicated personnel and product standardisation and obsolescence management.

Additional Benefits:

  • Tiered and bespoke solutions, developed in conjunction with our clients.
  • Outsourced Inventory Management, logistics & warehousing.
  • Dedicated procurement and supply chain teams.
  • Leading product obsolescence and supporting re-engineering activities.
Product Categories
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls
  • Industrial & Facility Supplies
  • Capital Equipment
  • Life Safety, Fire & PPE
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Pump Sets for all Industrial applications
  • Vehicles & Automotive Products
  • Piping, Valves & Structural Bulks
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operational Supplies)
  • IT Equipment
  • Drilling & Well Intervention
  • Lubricants & Chemicals
  • Generator Sets

The above category listing illustrates our core capabilities and areas in which we frequently operate. However, we have a significant supplier database, and a wealth of expertise in other areas. Contact us to see how we can help with your requirement.


Oil and Gas

Acting as your one-stop procurement provider, with our Outsourced Procurement Service we take responsibility for your purchasing portfolio, commissioning purchases, managing administration and dealing with logistical procedures. For individual requests we utilise our Day to Day Procurement Service to offer you advisory consultations and ad hoc projects.


However complex your project, Rainbo can help, from the earliest construction works, heavy plant drilling, blasting and supply of excavation equipment right through to the consolidation of materials for maintenance, repair and operational needs (MRO).
Whether your operation is open cast or underground mining, we have the experience and capabilities to provide equipment and commodities for all your mining supply and delivery needs.

International Aid | Government

Having been one of the UN’s top procurement and purchasing partners of choice for the last 9 years, we continue to act as an extension of the team at the UNPD (United Nations Procurement Department) and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). We have worked on a large number of approved and accredited missions throughout the world and we are a fully recognised UN provider and are credited with Level 2 Approval under UNGM within the UN Procurement Division.

Other Industries

Rainbo has more than 5 years experience operating across renewables “Hot Spots” throughout EMEA and more than 10 years expertise supplying power generation markets on an international scale.

65 Countries

Supplied & Serviced

250 Million

Spend worldwide

23+ Years

In the industry



“To me they are on top of the list in comparison to others that we use. Rainbo is well integrated into our system and always on top of the things that we need.”


“Rainbo Supplies and Services have been one of our preferred suppliers. We have done a significant amount of business with them, we have no hesitation in recommending them as a truly reliable and professional company.”

“We consider Rainbo a major vendor for all our international purchasing in several categories.  We are extremely satisfied and have no hesitation recommending their services to anyone.”