Our Services

Rainbo have created a range of different procurement models that we can tailor to our clients’ needs. Below are our most commonly used agreements.



Approved Supplier

Since Rainbo was established in 1994, we have been an approved supplier to over 150 different companies in the Infrastructure, Mining, Energy, Agriculture and Aid sectors. The number and variety of companies we’ve supported over the years show that we are a trusted provider of reliable and cost-efficient procurement services.

With this model of procurement, we become a registered vendor on our clients’ supplier database and participate in competitive bidding of RFQs. We have sourced a wide array of products from all over the world. Our experience enables us to fully deliver on the Five Rights of Procurement: the Right Quality, Quantity, Place, Time and Price.


In this model, Rainbo can take control of our clients’ complete procurement and logistics requirements. We are currently supporting clients who have won a number of infrastructure projects across Africa, the Middle East and Americas.

Our Aggregator model allows companies to outsource their procurement and supply chain function to us, alleviating the need to invest in setting up their own offices to manage these functions. Using our vast purchasing and sourcing experience we are able to supply equipment or materials and consolidate shipments in the UK or globally, on behalf of our clients. Our dedicated supply chain team are experienced in trans-shipping and freight forwarding should our clients need these services.

This has proven to be a popular model as it simplifies our customers’ cost centres by having one supplier and one invoice.

PSC Procurement supply contract

Rainbo have been entrusted with a number of PSCs. We also hold framework agreements to support aid agencies with specific product categories.

With an experienced procurement and supply chain team dedicated to these agreements, we are well versed in catering to our clients’ needs such as creating production dossiers, customs documentation and technical guides.

With this model, we have secured a large number of orders from clients wishing to fix their prices for a period of time, to simplify and streamline the quotation/ordering process.   This agreement is often used for our clients that need to purchase mid-value but high frequency items.


Ad-hoc procurement

We have a number of clients that we provide ad-hoc procurement services to. For example we have supported a client on a ‘one-off’ construction project whereby we helped them procure all of the construction materials that had to be purchased internationally. We handled all of the logistics and delivered to their site in North Africa.

Supply chain services

This is an additional ‘bolt-on’ service that we are able to provide to any of our procurement models.

It includes working with a variety of different INCO terms according to our clients’ preferences. A number of clients have traditionally followed the EXW, FCA, CFR, CIF, DDP & DAP terms – outsourcing their logistics needs to large international freight companies. During the past few years, we have seen the demand for a more bespoke supply chain service where clients want to interact with an actual team where they have a dedicated person responsible for delivering their goods.

Our dedicated teams are experienced in all aspects of international supply chain able to provide all INCO terms to any destination.  Rainbo regularly provide UK/International handling, trans-shipment and freight forwarding services, should our clients need these, in addition to their procurement requirements. We are capable of tailoring an end-to-end service solution depending on our client’s mandate.

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