Rainbo Supplies | Exclusive Distributors for RS Clare Valve Lubricants and Sealants

Rainbo Supplies are proud to continue our partnership as an official distributor of RS Clare premium valve lubricants and sealants.

RS Clare lubricants and sealants are aimed at improving the reliability and extending the life of wellhead gate valves, delivering operational cost savings by reducing the need for further spend on costly valve components by reducing maintenance intervention

The R S Clare range is entirely resistant to hydrocarbons, and will remain in the valve cavity, providing optimal valve protection and sealing capability. This benefit enables operators to increase re-greasing intervals, which reduces the need for valve repairs, resulting in lower operational costs and fewer production shut-downs. RS Clare lubricants and sealants are the most economical solution for improving valve integrity.

To view the range of RS Clare products please click here or contact us via email: sales@rainbosupplies.com